Sellswords Incorporated

Sellswords Inc. is a guild of adventurers from all walks of life who have come together to make money and defeat evil. The priority of those two goals is up to each individual member of the guild, of course.


Jillian Auroseer

Jillian Auroseer is the half-elven guildmaster and bankroller of Sellswords Inc. The daughter of a (very) rich knight in service of the kingdom, Jillian found herself more adept with accounting books and business charters than with the sword and shield; still, with a burning desire to help the world, she founded Sellswords Inc, promising capable do-gooders a wealth of coin and glory to all who would join her cause.

Cassus Godscorn

Cassus Godscorn is one of the guild’s more prominent members, both because of his combat prowess and because he openly scorns the gods. All of the gods, good or evil. Cassus has certainly earned his self-given surname.

But just because he hates the gods doesn’t mean he’s incapable of good. Cassus is a human monk who traveled the world years ago before coming across Sellswords Inc. Admiring Jillian’s no-nonsense approach to bettering the world, he agreed to stay and mentor the guild’s young warriors and offer tactical advice to the more secluded guildmaster.

New recruits are likely to receive missions from Cassus.

Agatha the Augur

Agatha the Augur is a no-nonsense gnome wizard, specializing in the Abjuration school. Why is she called “the Augur” then? That’s a long story; maybe she’ll tell you one day.

Just like Cassus is the tactical advisor for Jillian, Agatha provides arcane wisdom and guidance to the guildmaster and her charges. Agatha is excellent at Abjuration spells and uses them in defense of her kingdom, city and guild hall when appropriate.

Sellswords Incorporated

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