Role and Rules of Sellswords Inc

While Sellswords Inc. is set up as a for-profit business, it actually has two altruistic goals at its heart:

  1. Help adventurers earn a living in Oceanside Keep, and
  2. Further the cause of good in the Greathearth Kingdom.

Although Sellswords Inc. generally doesn’t care what its adventurers do on the job (as long as it gets done), it does expect its members to generally act within the boundaries of good. That means no murder of innocents; no stealing from non-essential targets; etc.

And of course since Sellswords Inc. is a business, it does expect a cut. 10% of all wealth accrued on a mission is expected to be given to the guild. Those who don’t comply may find their lives a little more… difficult than before.

Role and Rules of Sellswords Inc

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